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  • The 127th Canton Fair from 15th-24th. Jun. 2020

    The 127th Canton Fair from 15th-24th. Jun. 2020 Hairun live room: https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/en/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-eb8c-08d7ed7b35cb/live welcome to our live room 6.0C48  

  • Welcome to 128th China Import and Export Fair

    Welcome to 128th China Import and Export Fair The 128th session of Canton Fair will be held from October 15th to 24th online . Jiangxi Hairun Machinery Co.,Ltd will participate in the 128th Canton Fair; the display page is https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/en/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-eb8c-08d7ed7b35cb . We sincerely invite you to visit our page.  

  • Dragon Boat Festival

    Dragon Boat Festival

    2019-06-05 04\:13
  • Machinery manufacturing industry competition intensifies, Chinese manufacturing is expected to upgrade


  • 2019开工大吉|猪年起航新征程

    TheSpringFestivalholidayisover!Inthedaysofspringeverywhere,We'reofficiallystartingwork!OntheseventhdayoftheNewYear,theconstructionwillstartwell.FightingfortheYearofthePig!   Intheyearof2019,fullofoppo

  • The 122th Canton Fair


    2017-11-13 11\:17
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