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20 2021-05

2020 year

Transformed and established "Guangdong Yidinghong International Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., horizontally developed more competitive printing materials and chemicals, and established a large-scale color matching center in South China "Dongguan Dinghong Printing Materials Co., Ltd.".
20 2021-05

2018 year

Successfully presented the bagged ink to the market, greatly reducing the problem of solid waste in printing plants
20 2021-05

2017 year

Develop "Paper Barrel Ink" to do its best for environmental protection
20 2021-05

2009 year

Established a subsidiary company "Sunshine Trading Co., Ltd."
20 2021-05

Year 2003

Established domestic sales "Longri Ink Co., Ltd." to develop domestic markets in various provinces
20 2021-05

1993 year

Established Taiwan-funded ``Tung Fung Ink Factory J, and also established ``Taiwan Long Lin Trading Co., Ltd.'' in Taiwan
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